Our industry know-how means our well developed network of offsite manufacturers, construction contractors and supply chain means we can ensure the right materials, plant requirements and operatives are deployed in the right place at the right time. This level of information is how we can provide upfront fixed costs at the design stage meaning you have cost certainty at a very early stage of the project.

Working alongside Lead Design


Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a key component of every MMC project. In order to maximise efficiencies in manufacture offsite and installation on-site, projects must be conceived in greater detail than traditional construction methods. Modularize’s DfMA function works alongside the Lead Design function and liaises with MMC system manufacturers, product suppliers and fabricators to ensure that the design intent is interpreted correctly for manufacture and installation.

Accurate costs and design programme


By creating a coordinated 3D model including a structural and M&E model and a full production Bill of Materials (BOM) we can really add value to the manufacturing process. By producing high quality information that is going to the factories we can create a very accurate cost and time schedule for the client. We can also significantly improve factory operations by creating a digital model that embeds ‘manufacturing thinking’ into the production process. All this data that is used to create a fully coordinated 3D model gives rise to a digital twin setting aiding more efficient processes between project stakeholders.