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BIM Bandwagon

Sick of the BIM Bandwaggon!

Warning:  The BIM marketeers are out there.  Stalking you and hunting you down.  Bludgeoning you over the head with their big BIM marketing stick.  You must read this brief but utterly informative, money saving article before you pay for your next turn on the BIM merry-go-round!

Don’t be Fooled

Are you concerned that you’ll need to invest thousands and thousands of pounds in software to get “BIM compliant”?  Then there is the training on top of that!  The mind boggles as the costs run away with themselves…but you NEED it, right?  You MUST have it, right?  WRONG!

I constantly meet suppliers and manufacturers of building products who are both confounded and concerned by the BIM sales freight train.  If you’re a manufacturer of products such as:

  • Doors & Door Sets
  • HVAC equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Water purification systems
  • Cladding
  • Glazing
  • Furniture, fittings, building accessories

then you really don’t need to spend thousands and thousands to “GET COMPLIANT!”


Risk Free and Cost Effective

You manufacture or sell products and you do it well.  Don’t get sucked into investing in CAD systems and training that get you up to BIM speed.  YOU DON’T NEED IT!

The competitive approach that you must consider as an alternative to buying big into BIM is just 2 simple steps:

  • Outsource the creation of your BIM library.
  • Get your BIM library of products online – on your website and on BIM libraries.


An example:

Say you manufacture a range of Eco Friendly Boilers.  Don’t spend around £8,000 on the software you need, followed by £5000 training and then the labour and time cost of “ramping up” your internal skill set! NO! NO! NO!

Instead: give your current set of designs to someone with all the tools to make your own BIM library!  This would cost around £300 per Eco Friendly Boiler (or whatever you manufacture).

Do the math – £300 v £ Thousands!!

Now sit back and think about how you’re going to spend all that money you saved.

Don’t get bullied, scare mongered or railroaded into buying software you’ll probably only use a few times.  Get someone who already has the software to make your BIM library at a fraction of the cost while you focus on what you do best: manufacturing and delivering your products to the market.


Talk to us NOW!

Don’t waste any more time before you pick up the phone or send us an e-mail to find out more how you can partner with us to build your BIM library, improve your chances of getting specified and in short; save you thousands and thousands!


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