We can work as lead designer or alongside the appointed architect to advise on the best form of offsite for your project.

Making project management easy

At Modularize we recognise the need for early engagement on a project to ensure you maximise the full potential of offsite construction. By taking the role as Lead Designer / Offsite Advisor we can consider all offsite construction systems and how they may implicate the project both from a manufacturing and on-site perspective in line with your objectives. We can work as your lead architect or work as a supporting architect but our in-house architectural team have the skills and experience to lead your project and manage all your design needs – making design project management easy.

Get it right first time

Being involved at the very start of a project means we can manage client expectations and ensure your site is designed for optimal use of offsite delivery. In many cases your project may not be suitable for modular volumetric or panelised system but our architectural team can assess the best solution for your site. Feasibility studies are often the best way to consider which offsite construction system to use and our long-term relationships with manufacturers and supply chain means we can help you get it right first time by allowing you to understand what options are available to you.

Saving time and money

As Lead Designer we can utilise our own in-house architects or work along side your appointed architect to ensure your site is designed with the optimal offsite system in mind. From an initial concept design to a fully developed design we ensure that all construction activities are outlined for manufacturing including safety, productivity, quality and sustainability. By considering how a Design for Manufacturing Assembly (DfMA) approach may impact on the project’s objectives right from the very beginning we can mitigate the risk of expensive redesigns and planning re-submissions therefore saving you time and money.