Are you an investor, developer or contractor looking to set up a new MMC factory or existing manufacture entering the offsite sector?

The offsite construction sector is becoming increasingly competitive. As the use of modular and panelised building systems spreads around the globe, have you properly considered how to distinguish your business and stay ahead of the competition? Where are the opportunities currently? Residential, Student, Build To Rent, Hotels? Does your product meet the requirements of the market?

Too often new providers are unclear on many of the above questions, our business strategy experts have in-depth experience at all levels of the offsite construction sector from upfront design and product development, through architecture, engineering and project delivery. We understand what it takes to become a success in the offsite sector. We operate globally and know suppliers, manufacturers and funders who share a common goal of improving the way we build.

If you’re looking for a route to market, advice and assistance generating leads to give you a boost in the sector or need funding for your expansion onto the offsite sector, then give us a call and speak to one of our offsite strategy specialists.


  • 1
    Route to Market
    Launch with Confidence
    Finding the best route to market for your product can be confusing and expensive. Talk to us to get some clarity.
  • 2
    Business Development
    Keeping you Ahead
    Once your product is launched, making sure that your pipeline is full of well-matched leads is vital. Understand more about how we can help.
  • 3
    Route to Funding
    Cash is King
    If it's Capital Expenditure or Operating Costs, we work with funders who understand the cash flows associated with offsite construction and are more than eager to lend.
  • 4
    Sector Analytics
    Detailed Insights
    We work with companies who are willing to collaborate and share analytics and insights. We do this with the collective mission of improving how we build.
Industry Leading R&D
Constantly Innovating Products and Services
Our forward-thinking staff and collaborators work with an eye on what’s around the corner. From blockchain to graphene, we keep our finger on the pulse and share our knowledge with our clients.
Collective Intelligence
Collaboration Is At Our Core
We have witnessed an industry grow and now flourish. We simply cannot push forward innovation without collaboration.
Deep Routed Knowledge
Continuously Learning and Evolving
Modularize is your conduit to a wealth of experience and cutting-edge thinking in offsite construction.



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