For a very long time now we’ve gazed with dropped jaws, salivating at the fascinating ideas spawned from Science Fiction.  I can think of a number of great movies that have had this effect on me:

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  • Tom Cruise in Minority Report waving his hands around in the air to control a computer interface.
  • The shattering of “life as we know it” in The Matrix.
  • The hidden digital world of Tron.
  • The gradual seduction of Virtual Reality in Lawn Mower Man.

Aside from travelling at the speed of light the one thing I’ve always thought would be something amazing to try is Virtual Reality.  The prospect of slipping into another world, escaping our reality and opening up a virtual world of boundless possibilities is something that I’m sure most of you have craved in some way at some point in your lives.

Well, if you didn’t already know then allow me to announce to you that Virtual Reality is here!

The future is really upon us at last and we are around the corner from a step-change in the way we interact with other humans, both for pleasure and business!  The best thing is that it’s less expensive and more useful than you would ever believe.

But what does that mean for us?  What does it mean for the construction sector?

Well, let me tell you…

We’ve been acting as developers using the VR Headset, Oculus Rift for over a year now.  We’ve spent a lot of time developing a workflow to take our 3D CAD and BIM models into the Virtual Environment and allow our clients to actually visualise and interact with the designs we create for them.  The result is truly staggering and something that has to be seen to be believed.

VR has gone down so well with everyone we’ve shown it to that we want as many people as possible to experience this technology.  We’d like to hear from anyone who’d welcome us to demonstrate how we are using this technology to improve the design process and front-end sales process for modular buildings and other offsite building systems.

Virtual Reality can be used to save time and money in production of mock-ups for a client to visualise or approve their product or building layout.

We’ve even been able to build interactive experiences into our VR system. Users can interact with their designs, make selections and see how their changes might look. Anything from swappable kitchen units for interior design through to varying sunlight exposure to get a “feel” for light in a bedroom. We are only bound by our imagination! We are incredibly excited about this technology and its use in the design of buildings.

Now the best bit! A headset costs around £300 and can be purchased online. A simple model of your current design will come in between £500 and £800! For what you get from the experience and for the shear marketing and wow factor you can give to your clients it’s a must have!

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Oculus Rift Goits
Staggeringly Realistic Immersion


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Waving Hands in VR
Sensors Detect Hand Movements in VR.


We aren’t just talking about simply passing your current 3D models into the VR system.  Yes, we are aware that there is a lot of software coming onto the market that can do this.  We are talking about making a fully interactive experience from your current 3D models.  Imagine actually submersing yourself in your 3D conceptual building design to the point that you actually feel you’re there and you can interact with the experience:

  • You could watch sunsets through the window!
  • Light-switches that you can actually put your hand out in-front of you and switch on and off!
  • Furniture you can move around or change the style and colour at the click of a button!

I’m going to leave you there, hopefully dreaming of the possibilities as much as your mind opened the first time you saw the jump to warp speed!

If you prefer not to dream and you’d like to learn about how VR can make a giant impact on the way you do business then get in touch now!  I promise that you’ll be blown away.

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