Modularize: Welcome to Perfect Circle !

Modularize are now on Perfect Circle’s Supplier List. Perfect Circle delivers the SCAPE National Consultancy Services Built Environment and Infrastructure frameworks for Northern Ireland, England and Wales which was awarded in December 2020 and prior to that the SCAPE Built Environment Consultancy Services framework. Since 2016 Perfect Circle have completed more than 1,450 commissions for clients across the public sector and we at Modularize look forward to using the framework to help our clients to think smart. build smarter.

Perfect Circle: Saving time and money

The Public procurement policy sets out the condition for public procurement under UK Law within Public Contracts Regulations (amended 2020). It states that all public procurement is to be based on value for money defined as:-

“the best mix of quality and effectiveness for the least outlay over the period of use of the goods or services bought” and should be achieved though competition”.

The procurement rules setting out regulation thresholds vary slightly by Local Authority, but generally speaking are between £5k and £25k with a minimum of 3 quotations required; and £25k to threshold will require an advertised tender.

The major benefit is that all this has been done by SCAPE going out to tender with the framework, meaning the lengthy and laborious tendering process has already been done saving time and money for both project team and clients alike – a win: win!

How to award us without going through a lengthy tender?

Now Modularize are on the Perfect Circle supply chain, we can be procured by our clients via Perfect Circle without the need to tender. However there is a stipulation that there must be a Prime Core Partner involved in the commission. We can therefore be appointed through a Client Proposed Organisation and bring work into the framework and secure the award with our client using Perfect Circle – as long as we have one of the Prime Core Partners involved.

By not going out to tender, you can get access to Perfect Circle and put your entire design team together in one simple step. Perfect Circle therefore provides public sector organisations with an extremely fast route to procurement and if you have another supplier you would like to use on your project you can bring them on as a Client Proposed Organisation as well because Perfect Circle will bring them onto their supply chain.

who are the Prime Core partners

To date Perfect Circle now have 12 Strategic Partners on their Prime Core delivery team.

Only the Prime Core delivery team can deliver Prime Core Services which include both Project Management (PM) and Quantity Surveying (QS) services, and the rest can be delivered by the supply chain. The reason for this, was SCAPE concluded that these services,  PM and QS, were key to project delivery. SCAPE wanted to ensure these services could never be subcontracted so quality assurance remains high in terms of delivery.

Prime Core Services
Core Services
Non-Core Services

summary: Fast and secure procurement

In summary, Perfect Circle is SCAPE’s delivery partner. Perfect Circle have the framework agreement and Modularize have been approved on the Perfect Circle supply chain. As an approved supplier to Perfect Circle, you can procure us compliantly as a Client Proposed Organisation to Perfect Circle. So what are you waiting for?

Using Perfect Circle’s fast and secure procurement route combined with our think smart. build smarter ethos, let’s look at designing smart building solutions together that deliver social, economic and environmental value for the communities you serve! For more information get in touch today at