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exploded volumetric building
We are a team of industry leading MMC EXPERTS with a passion to increase the productivity of the construction sector. Enabling construction leaders to build smarter by designing the best systems and solutions to maximise project value

Build smarter


what we do

Modularize was established in 2011 to bridge the gap between manufacturing and construction. The company has evolved to be one of the leading MMC consultancies in the UK, with a strong global reputation.


​Modularize operate across all forms of residential, commercial, educational and healthcare sectors. Offering a wide and broad range of expertise across all categories of MMC and materials including Hot Rolled Steel, Light Gauge Steel, timber frame, SIPs, concrete and have R&D experience with design automation, software development, and advanced materials such as Graphene and FRP.

We enable construction leaders to create better ways to build without compromise so they can be confident in delivering maximum value on their projects. We lead the way by blending architects, engineers and construction professionals to drive the change we need for a sustainable future.

Our Services

Design for Manufacture and Engineering (DfMA) is at the heart of our work. Whether you're a factory seeking design automation, software development, or conversion of 2D to improved 3D models with the production of panel schedules and bills of materials, or a Client looking for an MMC Advisor or procurement strategy which makes the most of the opportunities in the offsite sector, we are here to assist you.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the offsite industry and are dedicated to assisting our clients in every aspect of offsite construction. We provide strategic guidance to help clients identify systems that align with their values and goals, as well as support in upfront design, product development, architecture, engineering, and project delivery.

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