Bricks Modular

Bricks Modular commissioned our Design and Strategy solutions to help ensure project success

  • Client

    Bricks Modular

  • Product

    G+16 Build Height Modular Building System & Factory

  • Target

    3000 modules per year


Modularize were engaged to develop a modular product alongside a manufacturing system.  The project involved development of several hypothetical business case scenarios.  These scenarios were fueled by different “what-if” questions that Bricks Capital needed to understand in order to gain confidence that establishing their own modular production company would be economically viable with a low risk profile.


The outcome of the project was a manufacturing system and product that matched the appetite of Bricks Capital in terms of cost and risk.  The busines case analysis proved a model that was suitable to the requirement of low capital expenditure in terms of set-up.  All design and manufacturing data was verified against traditional construction data in order to gain a high level of confidence that the planned design and factory would be a success.