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Garden Pod Configurator

Developed a cad-bot for automated design & production outputs.


DFMA Engineers, Production Information, Design Automation, Configurator




structural insulated panels




Our client wanted to reduce the design cost and increase the turnaround time for providing quotes to potential customers.

Automated production information produced for the factory

what we did

Using our expertise of Revit plug-ins and developed a 'cad-bot' which sits in the cloud. Customers can input directly into our client's website. They are able to specify their size requirements and desired door and window positions.

Once done the requirements are sent to the cad-bot which produces a complete set of production information including;

  • Bill of Materials

  • Manufacturing schedules

  • Quote

Automated production information produced for the factory


We developed a configurator for our client that caters to their manufacturing requirements. This cad-bot automation empowers their customers to request quotes that meet their specific needs. By utilising this tool, our client has become more responsive to their customers' requests, resulting in a decreased cost of acquiring new customers.

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