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Lodge Design

Develop a lodge product and produce production level information


Product Development, Production Information, Offsite Architects, DFMA Engineers


Select Modular


Point loaded steel frame modular




Our client had some in-house designers but lacked the experience needed to produce a new product design and the associated production information.

what we did

We ran a workshop with the relevant members of the Select team. We ran through several items to expand the scope.

  • Mechanical resistance and stability

  • Safety in case of fire

  • Hygiene, health and environment

  • Safety in use

  • Protection against noise

  • Energy, economy and heat retention

  • Durability, serviceability and identification

  • Temporary states during manufacture and installation

  • Handling and lifting

  • Interoperability of components and sub-assemblies

  • Approvals, tests and certifications

  • Material selection

  • Supply chain capability

  • Design automation

  • Interfaces

  • Finishes and options

  • Productivity

  • Manufacturing and DfMA

  • Number of concepts required

  • Market/consumer requirements

  • Costs

We presented the priorities on a matrix to our client and made appropriate adjustments. Once agreed, we carried out the detailed production level information, including architectural details, Bill of Materials (BoM) production, and schedules.


We provided Select with a comprehensive product design which was aligned with their priorities and manufacturing processes. We also provided support to the in-house design team so they can make future adjustments as required.

Bringing in Modularize to support Selects in-house team allowed them to draw on our broad experience and complete the project within the required timeframes.

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