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Modular Hotel Product

Reengineer a modular hotel product for the UK market


Product Development, Production Information, MMC Consultancy, DFMA Engineers


Citizen M


Point loaded steel frame modular, Concrete Podium




The Citizen M product was brought into the UK with a concrete base and steel frame hybrid structure. The system had been used to create the Schiphol Hotel. For its expansion into the UK, Citizen M teamed up with a UK manufacturer. The system had to be re-engineered to fit the new manufacturer’s production capability.


what we did

Modularize developed the building system to suit the UK market and their pipeline. The original system, used in Holland, was concrete based and was re-engineerd to suit the manufacturing line of a UK manufacturer using a modular steel system with a blend of hot rolled posts and Light Gauge Steel (LGS) walls and joists. This system was designed with a build height of G+7 Floors.



The redesigned system was used in Glasgow for the first UK Citizen M hotel. The system was then used for two hotels in London. Citizen M is now a global brand with a valuation reportedly approaching $1bn.

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