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Panelised System Development

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Osco Homes


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The Lockies was the first Osco project to be completed using the system, consisting of eight bungalows for assisted living and older tenants based in South Kirby. The bungalows are now built for affordable rent and have tenants settled. The system is the basis for Oscos housing solution across its future projects.

what we did

Modularize provided Osco Homes with offsite manufacturing knowledge and design expertise. Their system was designed to be flexible and can produce any style of housing, utilising a standard set of components that enable Osco to control cost, maximise production efficiency and offer an easy-to-build method.


The first project used a unitised system that was sent to site completely finished. It also utilised an offsite brick slip system to achieve a traditional feel which was sympathetic to the local area and its intended use.

This project utilised offsite manufactured housing solutions and trained prisoners in offsite construction to fill the industry's skills gap, resulting in a 90% decrease in re-offending rates.

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