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Pax Homes

Develop bespoke homes for people with autism as a product.


MMC Consultancy, System Selection, Product Development


Pax Homes


Point loaded steel frame modular




Pax Homes specialises in providing stunning homes for individuals with autism. The houses have specific but replicable requirements.

Pax wanted transparent cost information to use when they review potential sites and a repeatable design to be able to be deployed across multiple sites. They also didn't want to be bound to a single factory for the manufacture of their houses.

We recommended a product approach and explained how Modnet's network of factories would remove the risk of a single point of failure in the supply chain.

Bedroom of a Pax Home

what we did

We performed a process of selecting a system for Pax Homes and determined the main factors that influenced their decision. We reached a consensus that a 3D modular solution is the most suitable option.

We have created a design for a range of products that includes a one-bed and two-bed layout. These layouts can be single-story or stacked two high with an external gantry stair. To reduce supply chain risk, we have designed to ensure that multiple factories can manufacture the product. 

Bedroom of a Pax Home


Pax's strategy is to work with NHS and local councils to find opportunities to deploy their Pax Homes. With the designs completed, robust cost information and confidence in the procurement methods Pax are able to make decisions on the feasibility of a project quickly. Because there is a network of factories Pax have confidence that as demand grows they have a structure in place to scale up production as required.  

We are providing additional support through site layouts and planning advice. Pax will use our Modnet network of material suppliers and factories for procurement. 

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