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Framing Production Information


Manufacturers of timber and metal frames who want to; 

  • Improve the quality of their production information 

  • Increase factory throughput

  • Reduce time producing tender returns

  • Improve the accuracy of tender returns

  • Make the coordination of drawings simpler

  • Be able to react to and track change better

Who's it for?

Framing Production Information

What's included?

Modularizes design service provides the following production information as part of our standard service;

  • 2D and 3D detail visualisations

  • Bill of Materials (BoM) for tender returns

  • Every panel with a dedicated drawing, fully dimensioned, including BoM and panel      schedule

  • Outputs in Revit or IFC

  • Our version control QR codes

Examples of our work;

What are the benefits?

  • Improved factory efficiency because of better information leading to fewer mistakes and hold-ups

  • Faster, more accurate tender returns give you a better position to manage changes

  • Reduced internal workload

What's the added-value?

  • Aggregate BoMs across projects and multiple projects for bulk ordering

  • Our revision QR codes reduce the chance of working with the wrong drawing

  • We can also provide an add-on of converting information to your CNC or cut-list software if required

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