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We employed the services of Modularize to review and optimize the layout of one of our standard containerized reverse osmosis water treatment systems. The review included all aspects of the assembly process including layout, capacity, manufacturing and maintenance operations. The design has now been submitted for Patent Approval and the indications are that the work done will enable us to reduce overall build cost by 30/40% whilst trebling the capacity of the system on the same “footprint”. The work done by Modularize was fast, efficient and very cost effective given the potential returns we have generated. I would definitely recommend Modularize for similar work.

Simon Marshall
Ultura Inc.

Clients and advisors need help to convert their construction project into reality. That is when a consultant is sometimes required. There are consultants and consultants! Modularize are different. They can offer you the intelligent support you need to start at the right place to deliver your project using 21st century tools like DFMA and BIM with virtual reality visualisation to allow the project to be viewed prior to building. Modularize become your system integrator. They remove waste from a project at the beginning not the end. They can save you cost, time and deliver a right first-time quality project. Their approach will surprise and motivate you into a new way of working. In my experience there are view few practices that can offer this sort of service.

Richard Ogden
Build Offsite

Modularize have worked with Actavo on a number of education projects and helped to deliver high quality buildings that have surpassed all clients expectations. Being responsible for all aspects of design they have been involved in the projects from early modularisation of the scheme through to producing detailed construction and site erection drawings. They have been invaluable as a design resource in handling and resolving technical issues, offering insightful solutions to technical issues and producing accurate and detailed drawings.

Matthew Goff
Actavo Building Solutions

Like many consultant teams, Modularize are a closely knit group of highly skilled and highly motivated professionals. What sets them apart however, is their philosophy for inclusive, collaborative design and for the mutual benefit of their industry. For too long the offsite industry has worked in silos with each organisation reluctant to support or promote their peers. This has stifled progress and needs to be addressed. Modularize recognise this and actively seek to make a difference.

Always at the forefront of relevant, cutting edge design it is both a pleasure and an education meeting with the team and discovering new solutions to established problems. But with Modularize it is about so much more than design it is about growth, knowledge sharing and innovation. It is about people.

Since meeting with Matt, Gaynor and the team I have heard nothing but good feedback from colleagues and have recommended their services to others on more than one occasion. I constantly look for the next opportunity to work with Modularize and will welcome it wholeheartedly when it arrives.

Michael Crane
Head of Innovation at CIMC MBS Ltd

We have been using Modularize since 2016, as an inventor of the FloodJack System® we had designed prototypes and worked through the required issues to gain understanding of the product itself, however to incorporate the product within a building was the next step, we understood to get the best results we had to use MMC, however we required a company who understood this fledging industry and would understand what we wanted to do, having been recommended to Modularize, and meeting them for the first time in their Liverpool office, Matthew within 10 minutes understood exactly what I needed, something that had taken me 3 years to do, and he sketched out how this could be achieved, within a few weeks and a couple of phone calls we had the foundations for the very first FloodSafe House™, and within 12 months we had built the First FloodSafe House™ at Dudley College ready for a 2 year successful Testing programme.
Today, after showing the Key stakeholders around the FloodSafe House™ we have engaged Modularize to build the first commercially viable FlooodSafe House™ in Liverpool for delivery early 2021.

The Team at Modularize have made this possible, and although Matthew and Gaynor have managed the design the design engineers have been a joy to work with, taking on board all our thoughts and ideas, offering solutions and working with us as if we were a single team.
FloodJack International Ltd has numerous projects and different Applications for their FloodJack System and we look forward to working with them as not only our Design Engineers but also in many cases conception to delivery solution.

Andrew Parker
Founder at FloodJack International

“Innerspace is a leading developer using Modern Methods of Construction in our roof-top and low-rise residential developments. We offer our end users high quality product with assured delivery programme using offsite methods of manufacture. Innerspace are design led – challenging the preconceptions of modular and offsite and delivering beautifully crafted and precision engineered homes that save the end user as much as 75% annually on fuel bills.

Innerspace have worked with Modularize to assist with the development of our modular house types. Working with HTA architects in London, Modularize have advised on design for manufacturer, supply chain decisions and manufacturing partners. The team at modularize has supported us so that we know our material costs upfront by providing key manufacturing information such as Bills of Materials and drawings to show how the modules can be manufacturer. This has allowed us to approach different module manufacturers and compare like-for-like at the tender stage.

Modularize have taken lead role in our BOPAS accreditation for product durability, ensuring that the product they have designed is suitable for BLP warranty and has a 60 year design life.

Modularize have a refreshing approach with a fine balance of innovation and an industrious work ethic.”

Tony Dicarlo
Founder at Innerspace Homes

OSCO have worked with Modularize since its inception. Helping to define the direction we needed to take in terms of the best MMC system. For the past 7 years modularize has been engaged with OSCO to continuously help us improve our product as well as deliver all the manufacturing information we need to build our panels in the factory. OSCO plan to continue working in partnership with the team at Modularize and couldn’t recommend their services highly enough.

Matt and Gaynor are passionate about driving the industry forward, offering a wide range of solutions from design through to manufacture. Their reach into every aspect of the MMC value chain makes them invaluable allies to any offsite construction organisation.

Karl Ventre
Head of Operations as OSCO Homes

Having worked closely with Matthew I know his passion and commitment is second to none. He was a pleasure to work with, bringing his attention to detail to every project. His communication and people skills are excellent, and he has some very innovative ideas. Finally, he also has the ability to appreciate the Commercial and Practical implications of his decisions.

Darren Brooks
Technical Manager at Premier Modular

We started working with modularize in 2019, asking them in order to provide design and engineering consultancy and support. Since then, they have become an integral part of the nHouse team, helping to achieve design freeze on our core range, advising on everything from materials to site foundations. Hard working, honest and passionate, they care deeply about their clients and the success of their projects. Whilst other consultants can be withdrawn and pernickety, Modularize are problem solving and involved, always in contact and practical. We have also been very impressed with the extensive industry experience and sector understanding exhibited by Modularize. There are few other firms as well connected or aware of developments in the world of offsite. This makes them the first people to contact – whatever the query.

Nick Fulford
CEO at nHouse

Modularize are different. They can offer you the intelligent support you need to start in the right place to deliver your project using 21st century tools.”