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RIBA 3-5 Technical design for the factory. Adapted M-AR's system to fit planning approval





Point loaded steel frame modular


Residential, Charity


Our client, M-AR, is a modular building manufacturer located in Hull. They partnered with the homelessness charity, Centrepoint, which offers housing to young people in London.

Centrepoint had already obtained planning permission for a 33-unit project, and M-AR enlisted the services of Modularize to create manufacturing information based on the planning drawings.

Courtyard at Centrepoint

what we did

During the design process, it was evident that using the standard M-AR system would result in a building that exceeds the height and width limits approved by the planning authority.

The decision was made that returning to planning posed too great a risk. Modularize collaborated with the design team to rework the wall, floor, and ceiling build-ups to fit within the constraints of the planning approval

We took the design from RIBA Stage 3 to RIBA Stage 6.

Courtyard at Centrepoint


The Centrepoint scheme has received positive news coverage since its opening by Prince William.

Modularize was able to apply our experience of M-AR's manufacturing process to make workable changes in order to meet the planning requirements. This resulted in a successful project.

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