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technical design


Our technical design services support the detailed and precise planning and execution of the technical aspects of a building project.  This includes aspects such as building materials, structural integrity, mechanical systems, electrical systems and other technical details that are critical to ensuring the safety, efficiency and functionality of a building.  Overarching all of this, our in-depth knowledge of the MMC supply chain helps us to achieve the appropriate level of detail and technical information required for a wide range of building systems.

A well-executed technical design can help ensure that a building project is completed on time, within budget and to the highest possible standards of quality.  Our attention to detail can help clients avoid costly mistakes and ensure that the projects we work on meet all the compliance and regulatory requirments.


Depending upon the level of engagement required and the building systems we are working with, our team of technicians can create deeply detailed manufacturing information.  We create fabrication and production drawings on a component and sub-assembly level.  We create detailed and well referenced General Arrangement drawings.  We create CNC code outputs for manufacturing machinery such as multi-axis robots and Multi-Function Bridges.  We create detailed Engineering and Production Bills of Materials (BoMs).  We understand that each manufacturer is different and often work closely with MMC production facilities to ensure that the level of detail provided maximises efficiency in production and assembly.


Modularize are uniquely placed in the MMC industry due mainly to our experience across all MMC systems and the way our technical services are structured to cater for delivery of successful such a wide range of MMC projects.  We have worked directly with a huge cross section of manufacturers across all MMC categories, from component kits-of-parts, through to bathroom pods, panelised systems and fully finished modular volumetric.


We are a “Design for Manufacturing and Assembly” based practice that delivers projects with a value first approach.  Focusing on delivering what's right for our clients on a project-by-project basis.  It's out in-depth knowledge of the supply chain and the different levels of manufactured technology available to the construction sector that helps us leverage multiple benefits for our clients.  When it comes to technical design, we aren't afraid to push our supply chain and manufacturing partners to help then achieve better performing products with increased productivity, less waste and higher levels of safety during manufacture and installation.

If you'd like to find out more about our specialist technical services then please provide your details below and we'll keep you updated on the projects we're working on and how we're helping our manufacturing partners achieve better results for their clients and customers.

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